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Gems Beverages Company

Gems Beverages is a boutique beverage manufacturer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our facilities manufacture premium and very high quality beverages ranging from coffee to tea and juices. Our products are now available at most of the premium supermarkets and F&B outlets in Malaysia.

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Products & Services

Cold, Smooth & Creamy

Iced Latte

Every bottles comes with a full shot of uniquely blended espresso, coupled with our signature creamer and masterly formulated to leave a distinctive taste that is unlike any latte you've ever had.

It's smooth and creamy with a lingering taste of espresso on your palate!

Cold, Rich & Creamy

Double Chocolate Mocha

Made with real espresso and our very own blend of luxurious chocolate mix. It's an amalgation of rich chocolatey texture with a hint of espresso and cream.

It's so good, you will crave for more!

Cold, Fragnant & Creamy

Iced Green Tea Latte

Made from our unique blend of Japanese Matcha and Jasmine Flower that will leaves a distinctively fragrant and creamy finish.

There's nothing like it! Try it, it's totally unique!

Delicious, Fruity & Refreshing

Iced Peach Tea

Made with our own special blend of red tea infused with a very unique grade of pure peach extract. The Peach Tea is then aged for 2 weeks before being bottled. It has a very distinct "peachy" flavour, with strong fruity and slightly tangy undertones.

It's outrageously delicious and refreshing!

Freshly Squeezed Orange

Absolute Orange

The delicious and unique flavor of 100% Absolute Orange is made with the best quality oranges. We squeeze it when it's perfectly ripe together with the pulp and at its most tastiest.

The taste is sweet, refreshing and utterly AMAZING! In fact, you can say that we make orange juice taste better. It taste great chilled or with ice.

Made with Real Mango

Absolute Mango

Add a little bit of class to your glass with our delicious mango juice. Its made with finest handpick mango, it tastes naturally sweet with a hint of velvety texture to it.

You can smell the natural aroma of ripe mangoes. Drink it chill or with ice.

Made with Real Pineapple

Absolute Pineapple

Absolute pineapple is made with specialist selected ripened pineapples from Asia. Taste the natural sweetness and refreshing tang of our pineapple juice.

A pleasant way to start breakfast or a refreshing drinks serve with ice cube at anytime especially in warm weather.

Customized & Flexible

Roasted Coffee Beans

We have in our roasting plant a highly sophisticated profile roaster which can be programmed to automatically churn out consistent roasting profiles. We therefore can produce top quality roasting and blending all the time as all the customers specifications and requirements are programmed into the roaster.

At present, we are capable of roasting some 10-12 tons of coffee beans per month and we hope to expand our facilities to cater for more demand for our roasting services. Our coffee beans are mainly from Central and Southern Americas with some coming from parts of Asia and Africa. Do drop by our lab if you run a cafe or are interested in creating your own coffee blends.


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Gems Beverages
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Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Teoh Terry
Tel : (+60) 16 - 361 7999
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